Anonymous Record

AnonymousRecord is a record without a predefined name. It functions as a wrapper around an actual record that can be swapped out for another while keeping all bindings intact.

An anonymousRecord extends Record and contains all of its API calls.

To learn more about how they are used, have a look at the AnonymousRecord Tutorial.

Creating an anonymousRecord

AnonymousRecords are created and retrieved using client.record.getAnonymousRecord('name')

const anonymousRecord = client.record.getAnonymousRecord()



The new name of the underlying record which the anonymous record now represents.



Argument Type Optional Description
recordName String false he name of the actual record the anonymousRecord should use. This can be called multiple times.

Sets the underlying record the anonymousRecord wraps around. It takes care of cleaning up the previous record on your behalf.

const anonymousRecord = client.record.getAnonymousRecord()