HTTP Endpoint

Learn how to configure a HTTP Endpoint

How to configure:

- type: node-http
      # port for the http server
      port: 8080
      # host for the http server
      # allow 'authData' parameter in POST requests, if disabled only token and OPEN auth is
      # possible
      allowAuthData: true
      # enable the authentication endpoint for requesting tokens/userData.
      # note: a custom authentication handler is required for token generation
      enableAuthEndpoint: false
      # path for authentication requests
      authPath: /auth
      # path for POST requests
      postPath: /
      # path for GET requests
      getPath: /
      # url path for http health-checks, GET requests to this path will return 200 if deepstream is alive
      healthCheckPath: /health-check

      # Headers to copy over from http request
        - user-agent

      # -- CORS --
      # if disabled, only requests with an 'Origin' header matching one specified under 'origins'
      # below will be permitted and the 'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials' response header will be
      # enabled
      allowAllOrigins: true
      # a list of allowed origins
        - ''
      # maximum allowed size of an individual message in bytes
      maxMessageSize: 1024