Starting the server

Find out how to start the deepstream server

deepstream comes with a configuration file found at conf/config.yml on windows/mac or in ‘/etc/deepstream/config.yml on Linux’. You can either edit it directly or create a copy and pass it to deepstream using the -c flag, e.g.

deepstream start -c ~/path/to/config.yml

The file is fully documented and there are a lot of configuration options that you can change or add. If you want to change port or host details, add plugins or options for permissions and authentication, the configuration file is the place to be.

A few hints

deepstream’s configuration file can be written in both YAML or JSON. deepstream will automatically choose the right parser, based on the file-extension.

Some core configuration options can be overridden via commandline parameters, e.g. --host, --port or --disable-auth. For a full list, just run

deepstream start --help

The configuration file contains relative paths, e.g. for ./permissions.yml or users.yml. If you run the file from another location, make sure to update them.