Install as a linux service

Find out how to install deepstream as a linux init.d or system service

As of 2.4, deepstream comes with ability to automatically setup and run as a service on machines supporting init.d or systemd.

Installing the service is as simple as

sudo deepstream service add

Which then allows you to start it using the normal service command

sudo service deepstream start

or through an alias directly via deepstream

sudo deepstream service start

For those looking to register multiple services (to run multiple deepstreams on one machine) you can do so by specifying the name and providing unique config files

sudo deepstream service add --service-name deepstream-6020 -c ~/path1/to/config
sudo deepstream service add --service-name deepstream-6030 -c ~/path2/to/config

Avoiding Sudo

If you want to make sure the service configuration is set correctly, or if you feel uncomfortable running something under sudo, you can run add with the --dry-run option to print the service script out for inspection and manual installation.

deepstream service add --dry-run