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  • Consulting

    We know realtime – so much is fair to say. But that also means that we know how different it can be to run large scale realtime architectures in production. Whether it’s help with infrastructure, architecture, deployment, HA/failover setups, load balancing, routing or security – we’ll be happy to be on your side.

    • Deployment, High Availability & Load Balancing
    • Architecture Consulting & Planning
    • Capacity & Platform assessment
    • Migration & Integration Strategy
    • Security assessments
  • Development Support

    Using deepstream is straight forward, but creating large scale realtime architectures can be a bit fiddly. Changes can come in at any time from any direction and logic needs to be executed in a myriad of possible states. Our engineers have years of experience building large scale realtime apps and are happy to provide online support for your developers at every step along the way.

    • Realtime Online Support
    • Tactical Architecture Consulting
    • Troubleshooting
    • A pool of experts with different areas of expertise
  • Training

    We help you kickstart your project. Your team gains first hand expertise from deepstream’s (surprisingly nice and sociable) core developers and learns about the intricacies of the platform, the correlation of concepts, the most efficient development patterns and how to keep performance at maximum.

    • Hands-on exercises, labs
    • Performance Tuning and Best Practices
    • Development, Deployment, Monitoring
    • Install, configure, manage, scale
    • Basics and advanced concepts
  • Custom Development

    Building your app is what you're best at. We'll leave that to you. But if you need help, we’d be happy to provide bespoke integrations with your internal systems, identity providers, messaging systems, databases and caches or create other features that help you make the most out of deepstream within your environment.

    • Integrations with existing system
    • Cache, Storage & Message Connectors
    • Security & Monitoring integrations
    • Discounts if development feeds into Open Source

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